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Dôme Capital Partners offer our clients a strong independent asset management culture in order to meet their performance objectives and risk criteria in a clear and consistent manner.

Acknowledging that the financial market are getting more uncertain with shorter business cycles and limited global yields, we are committed to protect and growth your capital using a holistic, all-encompassing approach to portfolio management services.


Investment Services

  • Dynamic investment strategy (tactical and strategic asset allocation)
  • Comprehensive investment advise
  • Portfolio review and risk monitoring
  • Access to global trading platforms
  • Institutional asset management through our key partners
  • Advisory management mandates
  • Creation of regulated investmentt vehicles
  • Discretionary management mandates
  • Detailed performance attribution and analysis

Your benefits

  • We offer customized comprehensive solutions based on your specific objectives
  • Multi-asset risk-controlled portfolio management
  • We leverage our best in-class banking platforms to deliver the optimum investment ideas and solutions
  • We constantly reassess our asset management strategy based on your personal needs and financial expectations