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Based in Geneva, and incorporated under Swiss law, Dôme Capital Partners is subject to all regulatory provisions applicable in Switzerland to independent asset managers. In addition, the firm is affiliated to a regulation Swiss agency. Overall, Independent asset management companies have been growing fast over the last 10 years and are managing today roughly 15% of total wealth industry in Switzerland.

Dôme Capital Partners is the result of the founders’ common objective to better serve their clients in a constantly changing financial environment. In our view, this requires independence and a unique set of skills. The firm specializes in Private Wealth Management and Global Financial Services. The company is rapidly evolving to become one of the Switzerland’s leading independent asset managers with the ability to provide truly integrated solutions to complex business and private wealth issues.

The founders of Dôme Capital Partners have more than 15 years of expertise in emerging markets and will continue to be devoted to these markets where the partners have developed strong knowledge of their client needs and specificities